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Name:Bro Strider

Your name is BRODERICK STRIDER. Everyone calls you BRO. You refused to age past 30, although you're somewhere more to the tune of 40-something. You are a BILLIONAIRE PUPPETEER PORNOGRAPHER with a multimedia empire that is literally almost entirely based on servers in your crawlspace.

You died. Shit was wack, yo. But as you meandered the dream bubbles, you came across one in which your LITTLE BROTHER was actually in, nearly dead from some FINAL CONFRONTATION. You decided to look after him. Then you were contacted by some vague persons who told you the lowdown dope skinny on what all was going on. The dream bubble you decided to call home was, in fact, going to be made into a permanent reality into which the players of THAT VIDEO GAME would spend their lives. All those who lost their lives playing the game would be split into two dream bubbles, but the sessions would stay together. No point in losing your friends when you've already lost everything else, right?

So you look after two sessions' worth of kids. You look after a BUNCH OF TROLL DUDES AND GALS, and make sure no harm will come to them, from outside forces, or from themselves. You also look after your kid bro's session, naturally.

When you're not DUKING IT OUT with the horrorterrors that threaten your newly burgeoning world, you're running your websites, fixing up cars, SEWING smuppets and scalemates, funding your little brother's every creative outlet, and buying up shitloads of real estate, y'know, just for funsies. On the weekends, you're either throwing parties for your wards, or taking over small countries. The last thing was a lie. You run a blog about your somewhat unique interspecies relationship that is strangely on the level, and only partially ironic, about a third of the time.

your pesterchum handle is TumultuousTellurus and you
Don't much care for finality

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