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I will run
Yes I will roll
I will climb your mountains high
Through the valleys of deceit
Through the cold winds of denial
And though you fear the cold dark
I'll be right here by your side

'Cos until you know just who you are
You'll never know I'm near not far
I've caught your falls I've helped you rise
I've dammed these torrents from your eyes
I know

From the bosom to bare bones
Between the oceans and the sky
Since before time began
I have walked your ragged mile
And I will call like the crow
I'll be right there by your side

I am the candle in your darkest night
Whether you're wrong, whether you're right
I'll be there in your finest hour
I'll be there when it all turns sour

I know who you are, I know who you are
I know who you are, I know who you are
I know who you are, I know who you are
I know who you are

And though at times you'll be at your knees
It's better than just running blind
I'll push you straight into the deep
I'll challenge you boy every time
And I won't fall and I won't waver
I'll be right there by your side

'Cos until you be just who you are
I'll never stop, I'll always call
I've caught your falls, I've helped you rise
I've dammed these torrents from your eyes

I know you are, I know who you are
I know you are, I know who you are
I know you are, I know who you are
I know you are... home

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Threadhopping with this character?: Sure.

Backtagging with this character?: Sure.

Hugging this character?: Sure.

Giving this character a kiss?: Fine.

(Something more intimate?): Everything's awesome, provided you aren't A: Dirk, or B: Dave. Stridercest squicks the mun.

(Relationships?): Go for it.

Punching this character (provided they can fight back): Go for it.

(Injury?): Fine, but let the mun know what's going on beforehand so it doesn't blindside the shit out of 'em.

(Death?): As long as you run it past the mun.

Is there anything you do not want mentioned near this character?: The mun is really freaked out by pedophilia and rape. Please just... not so much with that, okay?

Is there anything you need us to know about interacting with this character? He'll hit on you, regardless of who you are, but chances are, it's all in jest, or ironically, or just for funsies. Don't freak out, it's not an attempt to get all up on your junk.

That being said, he's also going to swear, be aloof, and do some Big Brotherly shit if you're in need of advice or an ear to lend.

Anything else, please mention here: As the mun is EXTREMELY LAZY, there will be no courier typing. You can do it all day long, play your quirk with reckless abandon, but I'm a huge damn flake and I'm not a fan of coding every. Single. Post. asdfasdf.

Contact: A1000cuts on AIM, Curiouslyhigh on Skype
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You know the drill.
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TG: so he spent like five days just throwing the biggest shitfit known to man about fucking cheese slices you don
TG: asefioyasdf07
TG: was that sollux

TT: Yeah

TG: were you seriously just getting a blowjob while on cam with me
TG: bro thats vile as hell

TT: Wasn't my idea bro

TG: dude sollux i can see you reading this
TG: on the scale of one to bringing up the girl that played ducky on the land before time
TG: in things that are not ok
TG: that was a fucking eleven
TG: no dude this is not a laughing matter
TG: ugh
TG: i hope you both choke on each others dicks

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"It's the new viral sensation taking the internet by storm. With over a half a million views in under a week, this amateur video shot in a small bar in Boulder, Colorado during karaoke night features billionaire toy mogul Broderick Strider and his young siblings singing and dancing the famous Japanese hit, PonPonPon. With us this morning is Broderick Strider, to talk about that, and his other interesting ventures. Hi, Bro."


"So, tell me, was that planned, and if so, how long did it take?"

"Denise, nothin' about that was planned by me. My little bro was all like, 'Hey, you know what'd be hella funny? Makin' my brother get up and sing girly J-Pop.' And y'know, I ain't the kind to be makin' slanderous remarks about Kyary, 'cause she's one heck of a doll. I just so happen to like the song, know the dance moves pretty well, and well, apparently so do Rose and Dave."

"So is it true that the young adult author, Rose Lalonde, is related to you?"

"Maybe in some crazy "I'm my own grandpa" sorta way, sure. She and my bro have known each other over the internet since they were like ten. She was actually up here with her matesprit, who's also a pal'a Dave's, to shoot a film he's callin' Sufferer, which'll be debuting this spring."

"Oh, how exciting! Are you in it?"

"I helped out where I could, sure. Hey Johnny, roll the trailer."

"Oh, Mr. Strider I don't--"

The clip plays before Denise can object. Once it's over, the hostess smiles sharply.

"Well. Thank you Mr. Strider for --"

"Sufferer. Premiering in April. don't miss it it's going to be HUGE."

They cut to commercial as Bro breathlessly plugs his brother's film. He's asked to leave the set. He does happily, but not before stealing three breakfast burritos and a folding chair.

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TG: bro i know youre busy but listen
TG: i need to know if youre alive or dead
TG: what happened that youre still here?
TG: how did you come back if youre not a player?
TG: how did you resurrect?
TG: ARE you resurrected?
TG: its been driving me apeshit bananas trying to figure this shit out
TG: look dude just get back to me on this im going out of my fucking mind trying to get past all this
TG: whenever you get this just let me know okay
TG: its just that i found something that reminded me of finding you
TG: and dude idc if you even ascended or whatever the hell it was
TG: that shit fucked me up seven ways from royal
TG: and i just need to know that youre actually you and not some stupid delusion of this dream bubble
TG: as if i could even tell the difference between real and made up
TG: gdi bro what the absolute dicking hell are you even doing youre taking forever to respond

TT: I'm here and it's really me and isn't that all that matters?
TT: Sorry I didn't see these until now
TT: I kept getting distracted by pretty much goddamn everything

TG: oh my fucking god bro no more goddamn mind games this is driving me absolutely fucking bugfuck just fucking TELL ME THE TRUTH

TT: I don't even know anymore whether or not I'm dead
TT: But does it even matter?
TT: I'm HERE Dave
TT: And whether or not I'm in some transitive state between life and death I'm here
TT: And I'm not going anywhere

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tA: hey 2triider.
tA: get on your cam.

TT: No can do

tA: why not?

TT: It's tuesday brohemian
TT: I'm chronically nude

tA: je2u2 fuck 2triider you're 2uch a fuckiing weiirdo.
tA: fuck iit, fiine, you wiin.
tA: now get on cam dude.

TT: Wow dude
TT: Hell yes
TT: Fucking pale naked party up in this motherbitch

tA: damn 2traiight iit ii2.